Ndau Water Spirit Signs Of Inzunza Spirits

Ndau Water Spirit Signs Of Inzunza Spirits

Ndau Water Spirit Signs Of Inzunza Spirits live in water and have different species each with its own unique personality, physical traits, various gifts and different spiritual dialect they speak.

types of ancestral spirits

They usually show themselves in dreams. They appear as animal mystical animals, for example, Unicorns or the half human half animal characters. The type of mystical animal you see will help your Spiritual Guider (uGobela) to identify the type of Inzunza Spirit that walk with you and the type of Mpande (Herb) they need and what trait they contribute to your gift. Most times the Inzunza Spirit will guide you to the herb needed to feed and strengthen them. They serve to protect you when you go to the waters for any ritual or cleansing.Ndau Water Spirit Signs Of Inzunza Spirits, a glance

list of water spirits

Not everyone who dreams of water and water species have the Inzunza Spirit, context and consistence of dreams is of utmost importance.


Very little is known about this Spirits. The Abalozi Spirits reside around the waters and mountains. They communicate through whistles.
One will experience ear problems that can include ringing sound in the ears, burning ears, feeling as if there is water in your ears and not hearing people around you even when you can their lips moving, sometimes you can hear as if someone is talking directly into your ear.

ancestral calling signs and symptoms

ndau calling signs

tumgir signs of inzunza spirita

spirit music and the experience

meaning in ndau ceremonial life

experience of meaning in ndau

perman signs of the spirit

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